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Rallydrive NZ moves on up

Yes there is a recession but that does not have to stop you considering that things must keep moving up.

Rallydrive has replaced its Evolution 8 with a rally winning Evo 9 of Stewart Taylors.

After having such a good run with the black Evo 8 purchased from the Taylors in 2006 it made very good sense to purchase there Evo 9 when it came on the market.

" If we can have the same good run from the evo 9 that the evo 8 gave us I will be very happy," says Dale Perry owner of Rallydrive NZ.

" We have shipped our evo 8 off to New Caledonia to a new driver there and look forward to 2011 and leasing of the evo 9 once painted and new graphics are applied."

The Evo 9 is RHD and will be available for all events here and abroad for fun or serious attack on events.

The Evo 9 has proven itself to be a car not easily beaten by the later evo 10 and with all the development gone into the evo 9 model by numerous top drivers it is a very easy package to set up for good results.

For any enquiries to run the Evo 9 contact Dale directly or email.

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